Online Marketing Hub or OMHub is your one-stop shop for all things digital marketing – SEO, social media, email marketing, content marketing, and more.

My intention for OMHub in the beginning was to curate the best articles about digital marketing. Over time, I wanted to create an upvoting site similar to BizSugar and Inbound that caters to digital marketers and small businesses.

However, I have decided to just turn it into a blog and write everything I’ve learned about digital marketing so far. Fair warning – it’s not much, but I intend to learn more and share the best information in this blog.

Fun fact: OMHub was an idea born from MyBlogU’s #MBUStorm Raffle Contest in 2015. Thanks to dumb luck, I was the winner of $500! Although my niche idea was much different back then, I will not apologize for it! However, my intention of creating the best website out there about digital marketing using the money I won still rings true.

About the author

christopher jan benitez
Me and my power breakfast.

I’m Christopher Jan Benitez, a freelance writer for hire who wants a chance of pace in this life. After writing 3,000 words a day for different clients, I finally set up this blog to fulfill the promise I made after winning the MyBlogU challenge.

For me, OMHub is an opportunity for me to monetize my knowledge for digital marketing and implement the strategies I’ve picked up along the way to create the best digital marketing website/blog I can muster. Big dreams, I know. However, I might as well dream big than dream nothing at all!

If you have questions for me about OMHub, click here and fill out the form before submitting it. I will try my best to reply after 24-48 hours.

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