Correct Scar Care For Beautiful Scars After Cosmetic Surgery

After an operation, regardless of whether it is due to an accident or after an aesthetic / plastic procedure , efficient and long-lasting scar care is important. Because poorly healed wounds can often also cause psychological stress to those affected.

This applies, for example, to areas of the body that can hardly be hidden in everyday life, such as the face and arms. Unsightly and widened scars due to an accident or an operation can in many cases be greatly improved aesthetically through surgical  scar correction .

But even after a breast augmentation with a tightening, for example , slightly wider scars can cloud the joy of having the desired cup size. Because despite the most modern surgical techniques, such operations always leave scars at the end of the wound healing process. However, these are hardly or not at all visible through good scar care. The clinic director and specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery already answers the most important and most frequent questions about this topic here in the blog.

Scar Care: How Can I Properly Care For My Scars After The Operation?

After the threads have been removed after approx. 1-3 weeks, we recommend applying a thin layer of cream to the scars locally with a panthenol-containing ointment twice a day. After approx. 6 weeks, after consultation then also make scar ointments useful.

In the first few months, it is essential to ensure adequate sun protection. Furthermore, it is important not to start the scar massage too early. A guideline is six weeks, then you can usually start with a light scar massage.

Scar Ointment: Which Ingredients Are Important For Scar Care?

A scar ointment should contain as few skin-irritating substances as possible, such as preservatives. The best-known preservatives in cosmetic products are the parabens. In addition, a scar ointment should not contain too much fat or oil.

Onion extract and / or silicones, on the other hand, may be included on the list of ingredients in an ointment for scar care. Onion extract has an anti-proliferative, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and regeneration-promoting effect. Ointments that have been enriched with silicone allow less moisture to escape from the affected skin area and thus ensure better skin elasticity.

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